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Department of Theatre and Dance Presents “The Rimers of Eldritch”

BOONE —A shotgun blast brings the dark secrets of a small, Midwest mining town to light when the Appalachian State University Department of Theatre and Dance presents Lanford Wilson’s “The Rimers of Eldritch” at the Valborg Theatre Nov. 14-19 at 8 p.m. Tickets can be reserved by calling the theatre and dance box office at (828) 262-3063.

Playwright Lanford Wilson, whose work is often compared to Tennessee Williams and Lillian Hellman, wrote “The Rimers of Eldritch” in 1964.

With a poetic quality and appeal, the play centers around the sexual assault of a young crippled girl, the murder that follows, and an ensuing conflict between good and evil.

Dr. Linda Welden directs the play. She calls it “a giant, three-dimensional

jigsaw puzzle, with the scenes being pieces that are continually moved around until they are in the right place.”

“Like most of us, the people of Eldritch on the surface are church-going, law-abiding citizens who proclaim family values,” she said. “As their story is revealed piece by piece, however, we see that underneath their superficial goodness is decay and hatefulness emanating from the plague of hypocrisy.

Nothing in Eldritch is what it appears to be; nobody is who he or she seems to be.

Those who are perceived as “different” are hated, ostracized, and ultimately destroyed.

The inability of the citizens of Eldritch to empathize with those who are unlike themselves produces a town festering with evil.”

The play is staged with minimal props, using pantomime and lighting to create the shadowy town of Eldritch. Theatre and dance faculty member Susan Lutz is co-director and coordinates the movement for the play. The cast of 17 includes Josh Price, Cat Traphagen, Jessica Hunt, Vanessa Welch, Jen Allman, Mandy Harris, Caroline Sharp, Scott Hoppmann, Ryan Ledwig, Ashley Kirby, Marie Anderson, Caryn Crye, Bryan Crossan, Brad Evans, Rebecca Coffey, Jon Bateman and Lynn Wilson. Aliza Mendelewicz is stage manager.