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Summer Study Trip of Holocaust in Germany and France Offered at Appalachian

BOONE–Appalachian State University’s Department of History is offering a summer study trip to France, Germany and Austria May 18 through June 9.

Dr. Rennie Brantz with the Department of History and Freshman Seminar Program will lead the trip, which focuses on the Nazi Holocaust within the context of European society. The study abroad trip is open to anyone interested.

Participants may earn academic credit hours for History 3533–The Nazi Holocaust–and History 3534–Film and the Holocaust.

The trip includes time in Strasbourg, France, at the Chateau de Pourtales, followed by a weekend trip to Paris.

Participants will spend an additional week in Strasbourg before traveling by bus to Holocaust-related sites in Germany.

A third week in Germany and Austria will include visits to Hitler’s Alpine Eagles Nest, the Dachau concentration camp and a courtroom in Nuremberg.

Those interested can attend an informational meeting that will be held in Room 223 Whitener Hall on Thursday, Jan. 31, at 5 p.m.

For more information, visit, or contact Brantz at (828) 262-2311 or by e-mail at