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Students Create Award-winning Design

design.jpgBOONE–Nicholas Farrar, Jason Revalee and Caroline Shillito threw tradition out the window to create an award-winning house design that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

design2.jpgThe Appalachian State University students won top prize in the North Carolina Sustainable Building Design Competition. Their 1,800-square-foot house with curved glass bested designs submitted by more than a dozen teams from four schools.

Farrar is a junior geography major from Goldsboro. Revalee, a graduating senior and interior design major, is from Charlotte. Shillito is a senior interior design major from Chapel Hill. The three will share a total of $6,250 in prize money.

The competition, now in its second year, was established by contractor Phil Mayrand Jr. of Topsail and Dennis Scanlin, a professor in Appalachian’s Department of Technology, to promote sustainable building design and practices. Scanlin teaches courses in appropriate technology, such as renewable electricity technology and solar thermal energy technology. This year’s competition was coordinated by Cyrus Dastur of Advanced Energy in Raleigh.

Students designed a house for a 70-by-165-foot lot located in the state’s coastal plain that would use energy, water and materials as efficiently as possible. The building also had to be handicapped accessible.

“We designed it so that it would look like a ‘normal’ house from the street,” Revalee said. But behind a traditional fa’