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UNC Board of Governors Approves Millennial Campus at Appalachian

CHAPEL HILL–The UNC Board of Governors today approved designation of a portion of the campus at Appalachian State University as a “millennial campus.” The millennial campus is designed to strengthen the link between Appalachian’s educational and research programs and regional economic development initiatives.

A 2.3-acre site located approximately a mile from Appalachian’s main campus becomes the Appalachian Millennial Campus. It is located at the site of University Hall, a 34,600-square-foot facility that houses Appalachian’s Division of Continuing Education, the Appalachian Regional Development Institute and the Appalachian Cultural Museum and other programs, and serves as a focal point for various economic development, training and public outreach activities.

“The recent economic downturn has substantially altered the region’s perceived need for higher education, business and industry development, and new career opportunities for citizens in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century,” said Chancellor Francis T. Borkowski. “We see such opportunities evolving from the coordinated educational and economic efforts that are possible on a millennial campus.”

He noted that the university, while continuing to focus on its traditional educational mission, has increasingly engaged in applied research on rural and regional development issues and provided assistance in helping build the economic capacity of the region.

“The Appalachian Millennial Campus will bring existing educational and economic development initiatives together under one umbrella and create additional opportunities to enhance Appalachian’s teaching, research and public service mission while supporting economic growth and development across Northwest North Carolina,” he said.