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Faculty Recital Series Begins Sept. 10

by Crystal Thompson

BOONE–The Mariam Cannon Hayes School of Music at Appalachian State University will host a series of six performances during the 2002-03 Faculty Recital Series.

The series opens with “A Celebration of Life!” Sept. 10.

This program is dedicated to those who sacrificed their lives and rescued others during the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. It features Nancy Bargerstock, violinist; Rodney Reynerson, pianist; the Mariam Cannon Hayes Graduate String Quartet; Jon Beebe, bassoonist; the vocal quartet APPropos; Kenneth Lurie, cellist; and others.

They will perform selected literature designed to uplift the human spirit, convey the vibrancy of the soul, and express optimism and hope for both the individual and the human race.

On Oct. 1, “An Evening with the Piano Trio” will feature chamber music specifically written for two stringed instruments and piano.

The program includes three selections—one each from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

The trio members are Bargerstock, violin; Lurie, cello; and pianist Bair Shagdaron.

On Nov. 5, “A Varied Evening of Duets & Solos -