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Latin American and Baroque Compositions Featured in Woodwind Recital

092503beebe_jon_dl.jpgBOONE–The Mariam Cannon Hayes School of Music at Appalachian State University presents a faculty recital featuring bassoonist Jon Beebe on Thursday, Oct. 2, at 8 p.m. in Broyhill Music Center’s Rosen Concert Hall. Admission is free.

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Beebe is joined by oboists Alicia Chapman and Andrea Hall, harpsichordist Brian Bailey, bassist Jan Mixter and pianist Rodney Reynerson.

The performance features works by Cuban-born composer Paquito D’Rivera, Brazilian composer Francisco Mignone and Venezuelan composer Antonio Lauro, in addition to Alvin Etler’s “Sonata,” P. Kellach Waddle’s “Ghosts Echoes in the Cathedral Walls” and Jan Dismas Zelenka’s “Sonata V.”

The Oct. 2 recital is the premier of Waddle’s “Ghosts Echoes in the Cathedral Walls.”

Zelenka’s “Sonata V,” features oboes, harpsichord, bass and bassoon. “It is a huge piece, very big by baroque standards, almost like baroque rock and roll,” Beebe said. “It’s an impressive sounding piece, and a challenging and grueling workout.

Zelenka was a contemporary of Bach and his composition sounds like Bach’s style, Beebe explained. “I have wanted to play this piece for 20 years and finally found someone to take the challenge with me.”

Beebe has performed with the North Carolina Symphony, the Las Vegas Symphony, and the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra and has been principal bassoonist of the Oshkosh (WI) Symphony and the Western Piedmont Symphony in Hickory.

He was a guest artist at the 1987 Conference of the International Double Reed Society, and also at the 1990 Southern Division Conference of the College Band Directors National Association and National Band Association.

Beebe is the author of “Music for Unaccompanied Solo Bassoon, an Annotated Bibliography” and of “bassoONLY,”, a column in “The Double Reed” magazine published by The International Double Reed Society.