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Mexican Students Visit Appalachian

041904hispanic29_dl.jpgBOONE–Mexico is experiencing a shortage of teachers similar to North Carolina’s need for additional educators.

041904hispanic11_dl.jpgTo help interest young people in teaching careers, the Instituto D’Amicis bilingual school in Puebla, Mexico, brought 10 high schoolers and two teachers to Appalachian State University to observe teacher preparation classes and to learn about American culture.

” We need teachers in Mexico, and my school in particular needs bilingual teachers,” says Instituto D’Amicis’ academic director Lucila Sotomayor de Gil.

Her school has employed special training activities at the high school level to encourage young people to pursue a teaching career. The visit to Boone was part of those activities.

Also during their visit, the Mexican students tutored children at Hardin Park School, which plans to send a number of its teachers to visit Instituto D’Amicis this summer.

Instituto D’Amicis and Appalachian’s Reich College of Education signed a collaborative agreement last year. Four Appalachian students are student teaching at the Mexican school this semester.

The N.C. Department of Public Instruction says North Carolina needs 12,000 additional new teachers each year, although the state’s teacher preparation programs only produce about 3,000.


Picture Caption: Students from Puebla, Mexico, included Oliva Ponce (center, first photo) and Noelle Diez (second photo).