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Lowe’s Gives $15,000 to Appalachian’s Construction Technology Program

BOONE–Lowe’s Corporation has given the Department of Technology’s construction technology program at Appalachian State University $15,000 to purchase supplies and equipment for class projects.

The gift more than doubles the program’s typical annual operating budget and will help fund student projects and buy power tools, such as a table saw, power miter saw, battery powered drills and assorted hand tools, says Jeff Tiller. He directs the program, which places an emphasis on hands-on, experiential learning.

The construction technology degree program, begun in 1994, has more than 100 majors.

Students in the program receive a broad knowledge for entering the construction industry. Students learn the construction process for residential and commercial buildings, construction management and estimating techniques and software, building design, and building science, which addresses moisture, heating and cooling problems in construction.

This summer, construction technology students will travel to the Dominican Republic to participate in an ongoing construction project to build modest homes for underprivileged people in rural areas. They also will study the country’s housing needs, current solutions to those needs and ways to implement the solutions.

Graduates work in the residential and commercial construction field.

” The job market is good,” Tiller said. “We are getting lots of calls for graduates.”