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Catherine J. Smith Gallery Presents Exhibition by Graduating Students

seniorart.jpgBOONE—Appalachian State University presents the BFA Senior Studio Exhibition: Fall 2005 at the Catherine J. Smith Gallery on campus.

The exhibition will be on view Nov. 28-Dec. 10, and will include work by seven artists who are graduating this semester. An opening reception for the exhibition will be held Dec. 9 from 4-6 p.m. Music will be performed by Jason Gregory.

Catherine J. Smith Gallery is located in Farthing Auditorium.Admission is free. Hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The gallery will be open extended hours on graduation day, Saturday, Dec. 10, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, call (828) 262-7338.

Works in the show are composed of a variety of media including painting, sculpture, metalsmithing and clay.

The graduating seniors are Scott Brown, Amanda Chapman, Billy Fowler, Taylor Leaf, Mike Richardson, Andrew Rogers and Aaron Wagoner.

For the past year, these students have been working with Lisa Stinson and Gary Nemcosky, associate professors in the art department. “Working with this group of students and a team of faculty has been stimulating,” Stinson said. “It was nice to see the progression of these talented artists. The art department is proud of their accomplishments.”


Scott Brown was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. He is a sculpture major with a minor in biology. By utilizing shape and form, he gives his sculptures of abstracted human figures a primitive appearance.

Amanda Chapman is from Asheville. Her current work is a series of paintings that explores the idea of divinity and holiness in human beings. By using the female figure and the angel wing as symbols, she illustrates concepts of good and evil and their relation to the soul.

Billy Fowler is a Durham native. His latest body of work reflects the personal issues with fatherhood he has experienced throughout the past year. Through a series of nine paintings, he shares his struggle with maturity, responsibility and emotions associated with the experience of becoming a young parent.

Taylor Leaf is from Charlotte. In his current body of work, Leaf explores the human psyche and expressions that are associated with human emotions. His self-representational work is based around his personal thoughts and feelings.

Mike Richardson is a High Point native. Since childhood he has had an infatuation with and love affair for the custom automotive industry. Through a series of paintings, he has explored his fascination with the roar of car engines, glamorous paint jobs and the mechanics of automobiles.

Andrew Rogers is from Morganton. His recent work narrates his life history through the use of symbols, density of images, and compositional layout.The series is an autobiographical look into his past, present, and future; emphasis is placed on a variety of different styles and painting techniques to help tell this story.

Aaron Wagoner is a native of Jackson, Miss. His current work is a series of eating utensils that were inspired by his experiences working with children. These utensils will help adults rediscover their inner child and remember what it was like to eat without rules, manners or inhibitions.

Picture Caption: Senior art major Michael Richardson hangs one of his paintings that will be on exhibit during the BFA Senior Studio Exhibition at Appalachian State University. (Appalachian photo by University Photographer Mike Rominger)