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Student lands internship with Smithsonian’s Folkways Recordings label

peach_t.jpgBOONE—Doug Peach loves to travel and learn about music from other cultures. The Appalachian State University senior has used those interests to secure a 15-week internship with the Smithsonian Institute’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage Folkways Recordings label.Peach is a music industries studies major from Columbia, S.C. Internships are required in the degree program.

“Doug is one of our outstanding students. I’m pleased to see him earn such a prestigious placement for his internship,” said Kim Wangler, an associate professor and director of

music industry studies in Appalachian’s Hayes School of Music. “I’m confident Doug will distinguish himself at the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage and build a reputation there.”

Peach has a variety of experience related to the music industry. He manages his own jazz combo, and through participation in Split Rail Records, has been involved in managing and promoting other local bands. Split Rail Records is the university’s student-operated recording label.

Peach also is interested in ethnomusicology. He has studied abroad in Argentina where he was able to record Argentinean musicians performing music he had written.

“Doug has always had an interest in the music of other cultures,” said Laurie Semmes, an assistant professor of ethnomusicology in the Hayes School of Music. Peach took Semmes’ world music and global perspective classes.

“The Argentina trip set him on fire, particularly as he learned how musicians in Argentina were constrained by their economic condition,” she said.

“I wanted to find an internship that combined my international music and music industries interest,” Peach said. “Folkways travels the world documenting indigenous music. I think this internship will expose me to music I wouldn’t have encountered before. So many times music from around the world is not brought to the United States.”

“For ethnomusicologists, Smithsonian Folkways is like the Deutsche Grammophon label for classical music,” Semmes said. “If you are looking for really good recordings from the field, that’s where you look. You couldn’t ask for a better spot for someone with Doug’s interests and qualifications,” Semmes said.

Peach will begin working with Folkways Recordings’ marketing director in mid-January.