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Students receive international research grants

BOONE—Appalachian State University has awarded approximately $15,000 to support students who are conducting international research.

The International Student Research grants were presented by Appalachian’s Office of Student Research, Office of International Education and Development, and Cratis D. Williams Graduate School.

Erica Adelman, a senior history major, will be travel to South Africa to research the South African orphan crisis from the orphaned children’s perspective.

Graduate history major Alexander Wisnoski will travel to Peru to research single women in early colonial Peru and how their lives varied from those of married women.

Graduate music student Robert Fish will travel to Japan to research American aspects of the art of taiko drumming which have evolved since its introduction to the United States in the late 1960s.

Senior history major Lindsey Blare and junior history major John Bradley will travel to Mexico to conduct research regarding differing perspectives of the Mexican Revolution.

Senior history major Paul Holcomb will also conduct research in Mexico related to the relationship between foreign and economic policies implemented during Porfirio D’