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Appalachian students participate in AIESEC conference in Puerto Rico

BOONE—Nine Appalachian State University students traveled to Puerto Rico Nov. 6-10 to attend the AIESEC National Conference and participate in networking activities. AIESEC is a global student organization that promotes cultural understanding while building student leadership skills.

The Appalachian students stayed in the homes of Puerto Rican students during part of their trip.
The conference focused on two main goals. Students hoped to obtain a better understanding of AIESEC International’s mission, goals and structure and ways to become more involved with AIESEC. Participants also focused on personal development through leadership seminars, team building strategies, cross-cultural communication and time management activities.

Students also learned about Puerto Rican music, food and culture while expanding relationships with the Puerto Rican students.

“My experience at the conference was truly life changing,” said Appalachian sophomore Nathan Phillips. “The students from Puerto Rico were some of the most hospitable people I have ever encountered. Not only did they take the nine of us from Appalachian into their homes, but they also took it upon themselves to make sure we enjoyed our visit in Puerto Rico to the upmost extent.”

AIESEC-US was founded in 1956 as a not-for-profit organization to promote cultural understanding and international cooperation. Since that time, AIESEC US has expanded to include 1,500 community members in 35 universities across the United States. The acronym AIESEC originated from a French phrase that loosely translated to International Association of Students in Economics and Commerce, but the acronym is no longer expanded.

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