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University open Tuesday, Dec. 22, use caution if coming to work

The University will be open on Tuesday, December 22, 2009; however, not all parking lots and walkways will be cleared of this record December snow fall. If you are not required to come to work, please stay home and use vacation leave or follow the adverse weather policy to make up any lost time.

If you do come to work, be prepared for treacherous conditions. Wear appropriate clothing and foot wear (e.g. Yak-trax) and be prepared to use a circuitous path to your office.Your regular parking space may not be available and not all sidewalks will be cleared. Physical Plant has been working around the clock since Friday to remove the snow, but the record snowfall makes snow removal problematic.

As always, during inclement weather monitor campus e-mail, the university homepage, 262-SNOW and local media for any changes to the university’s operational status.

Thank you for your patience in these difficult conditions.