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Energy Center awards student research grants

BOONE—The Appalachian State University Energy Center has awarded more than $5,000 in research grants to 12 students through the center’s student research grant program. This is the first year the grants have been awarded.

The grants, up to $500 per student, will support student research related to energy policy, renewable energy, smart grid development, climate change and energy efficiency. Grants were awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students through funding from the Office of Student Research.

“We were very pleased with the number of high-quality research proposals that were submitted,” said John Lehman, who coordinates the student research program at the Energy Center. “We also were excited to receive so much student interest from a wide variety of academic disciplines, especially considering that this is the first time the Energy Center has attempted this sort of program.”

Grant awards were made to students representing the departments of technology, chemistry, computer information systems, government and justice studies, geography, and physics.

Titles of successful proposals included “Energy Policy and Social Network Analysis of Renewable Energy Businesses in Western North Carolina” and “Measuring the Externalities of Coal Production: An Assessment of the Social and Health Impacts of Coal Slurry in Boone County, W.Va.”

The award recipients are:

Technology: Marcus Taylor, Alexandra Patey and Andrew Spees

Chemistry: Monique Conway, Tom Horton and Matthew Lopez

Computer Information Systems: Emilie Dunlap

Government and Justice Studies: Galen Monahan

Geography: Matthew Anthony, Kevin Gooley and Matthew Hepler

Physics: James Phillips