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Six students honored at 13th Annual Celebration of Research and Creative Endeavors

GrantBuckner_t.jpgBOONE – Studies related to seizures, sexual harassment in the workplace and cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation were among winners of a Student Research Poster Competition held at Appalachian State University during the 13th Annual Celebration of Research and Creative Endeavors.

The competition highlighted the top three undergraduate and top three graduate poster presentations at the daylong event.

Grant Buckner, left.jpgPsychology graduate student Grant Buckner, left, discusses his research at Appalachian State University’s 13th Annual Celebration of Research and Creative Endeavors. His project focused on managing workplace sexual harassment. Buckner was among six students honored for top poster presentations. (Appalachian photo by University Photographer Marie Freeman)

The undergraduate students and their research topics were:

  • Chase Francis, psychology – “Deficits in a Novel Location Task Caused by Audiogenic Seizures are Mitigated by Environmental Enrichment.” Faculty advisor: Dr. Mark Zrull
  • Danielle Pulcinci, English – “The Question of Slavery in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko.” Faculty advisor: Dr. Jennifer Wilson
  • Rachel Storniolo, geology – “The Effect of Bank Storage on Baseflow Temperatures in Urbanized Streams.” Faculty advisor: Dr. Bill Anderson

The graduate students and their research topics were:

  • Grant Buckner, psychology – “Managing Workplace Sexual Harassment: the Role of Training Diversity, Quantity and Recency.” Faculty advisor: Dr. Hugh Hindman
  • Rebecca Kappus, exercise science – “The Effects of Two Weeks of Q-EGCG Supplementation on Central Blood Pressure and Vascular Distensibility Following Acute Exercise.” Faculty advisor: Dr. Scott Collier
  • Beth Ann Syers, exercise science – “A Preliminary Report on the Changes in Muscular Strength, 6MWD, and Cardiorespiratory Endurance Following Out-Patient Pulmonary Rehabilitation.” Faculty advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Soukup

The 13th Annual Celebration of Research and Creative Endeavors featured 141 presentations by students. Of those, 60 posters were submitted for the first-ever Student Research Poster Competition – 33 undergraduate submissions and 27 graduate submissions.

The posters were evaluated based on background/rationale, methods or approach to the question, concluding statements/findings, student’s level of leadership/involvement in the project, student’s overall understanding of the project or creative endeavor, and his or her ability to answer questions on the project and poster appearance.

“This is one of my favorite days of the year,” Provost Stan Aeschleman said at the event.  Describing student research as “the best and most transformative learning,” he said, “You can’t truly understand how knowledge is created without rolling up your sleeves and really doing it. It can’t be learned vicariously or passively.”

The 13th Annual Celebration of Research and Creative Endeavors was sponsored by Appalachian’s Office of Student Research. Funding for the Student Research Poster Competition was made possible by the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School and the Office of Student Development.