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Need a ride home? Appalachian provides alternative transportation for students

BOONE—Appalachian State University provides students with two alternatives for traveling home for the holidays: Appalachian Zimride and the university’s two regional Coach America buses.

Appalachian Zimride is a way for students to find friends, classmates and coworkers who are driving to similar destinations and willing to carpool.  Zimride is an online resource for members of the campus community to post the need for or offer of a ride on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  All Appalachian students may register for Zimride at

Appalachian’s Coach America two regional bus services, Mountaineer North/South and Mountaineer East/West, provide students alternative transportation at low fares with a valid student ID.  The buses run seven days a week and 365 days a year.  Tickets for the routes can be purchased at Phil’s CITGO on Harding Street in Boone.  The buses pick up at 230 Hardin St., which is the Hoey Hall awning.

Mountaineer North/South takes students from Boone to Lenoir for $5 and to Charlotte for $13.  Stops can be made in between in Hickory, Lincolnton and Gastonia.  Students who get off the bus in Charlotte can use the Queen Connector to head towards Fayetteville.  Stops in between Charlotte and Fayetteville include Monroe, Wadesboro, Rockingham and Laurinburg.  Fares for the Queen Connector range from $6 to $16 with a valid student ID.

Mountaineer East/West takes students from Boone to Wilkesboro for $3 and to Greensboro for $10.  Stops in between include Hamptonville and Winston-Salem.

For more information about Appalachian’s alternative transportation initiatives, contact the Office of Sustainability at 828-262-2659.