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Appalachian’s Staff Council is now Staff Senate

BOONE—The Appalachian State University Staff Council is now Staff Senate.

The change became effective via a two-thirds vote of council membership on Feb. 14. In addition, several of the officer and general position titles were changed.

Area representatives are now called senators, and alternates are called alternate senators.  The president position is now the senate chair; the president elect is the chair elect; the vice president is the vice chair; and past president is the past chair.

“Staff Senate officers support the change and see it as a positive step forward,” said Senate Chair Cathy Ziegler.  “A respected organization on campus by any name, the council’s change to Staff Senate is a strong step toward achieving perceived parity with faculty and student organizations on campus, and it brings the name into alignment with the majority of staff organizations within the University of North Carolina system.”

Current Staff Senate officers are:  Cathy Ziegler, chair; Katherine Sbarbaro, chair elect; Tami Johnson, vice chair; Kathy Mann, treasurer; Kathy Ray, secretary; and Bob Charlebois, past chair.

Staff Senate represents SPA and EPA (non-teaching and administrative) staff employees at Appalachian. The Staff Senate is a voice in the decision-making processes of the Appalachian community and supports many volunteer projects such as AppKIDS and Freshman Move-in Day.  The organization’s primary objective is to improve and enhance the quality of life of all staff at Appalachian.

Staff employees are welcome to contact an officer, senator or committee member for more information or to become involved in Staff Senate activities. A list of members and their committee assignments is at