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Carey receives 2012 AASLH Leadership in History Award

BOONE—Dr. Tony Carey has received the Leadership in History Award from the American Association for State and Local History. Co-recipients of the award are the Historic Chattahoochee Commission (HCC) and the Troup County Historical Society (TCHS). The award is for Carey’s book “Sold Down the River: Slavery in the Lower Chattahoochee River Valley of Alabama and Georgia.”

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Carey is vice provost for faculty affairs and a professor of history at Appalachian State University.

According to the publisher, the University of Alabama Press, “Sold Down the River” examines a microcosm of slavery as it was experienced in an archetypical southern locale through its effect on individual people, as much as can be determined from primary sources.

The AASLH Leadership in History Awards program, now in its 67th year, is the most prestigious national recognition for achievement in the preservation and interpretation of state and local history. “Sold Down the River” was one of just over 50 projects to be recognized for overall excellence across the nation this year. The winners represent the best in the field and provide leadership for the future of state and local history. Presentation of the awards will be made at a special banquet during the 2012 AASLH Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday, Oct 5.

Reviewer Susan Eva O’Donovan, author of “Becoming Free in the Cotton South,” wrote “Impressively researched, well written, and thoughtfully organized, this book was a genuine pleasure to read. Professor Carey brings to the table a history of slavery that has been powerfully informed by a lively new scholarship.”