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Conference-goers talk about ancient times

More than 40 students, paleontologists and educators attended the fifth Annual Meeting of the Southeast Association of Vertebrate Paleontology (SEAVP) hosted earlier this month by Appalachian State University’s Department of Geology.

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The three-day gathering included poster presentations and talks by students and faculty members, including Eric Lynch’s talk about the forelimb characteristics of several predators that lived during the Pleistocene era. Lynch is a master’s degree student from East Tennessee State University. Dr. Andy Heckert of the Department of Geology moderated the sessions and gave a talk on Triassic microvertebrates from North Carolina. His student Logan Howell presented a poster on dinosaur paleopathology, the record of disease in dinosaur fossils.

Conference-goers also attended lectures and participated in field trips to area geologic formations.

SEAVP is an informal group of vertebrate paleontologists, including museum curators and staff members, college and university professors, and students from five Southeastern states.