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Eloranta elected an officer of the International Economic History Organization

BOONE—Dr. Jari Eloranta has been confirmed as secretary-general of the International Economic History Association (IEHA). The Appalachian State University history professor will serve for a minimum four-year term.

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As secretary-general, Eloranta will serve as the head of the IEHA and liaison with international universities and scholars around the world.

“I succeeded a faculty member from the London School of Economics, which gives an indication of the prestige of the position, which will also bring international recognition to Appalachian,” Eloranta said. “They have never had a Finnish national in this post, or a representative of the United States hold this office in recent years.”

A native of Finland, Eloranta teaches comparative economic and business history. He coordinates the annual Spring Conference in World History and Economics held at Appalachian, and which celebrates its 10th anniversary next year. He also is meetings coordinator of the Economic History Association, editor of the monograph series Perspectives in Economic and Social History, and associate editor of Essays in Economic and Business History.

Eloranta said IEHA is the largest international organization of economic history in the world. It organizes the World Congress of Economic History every three years. The 2015 congress will be held in Kyoto, Japan.

IEHA is composed of national, regional and international associations in the field of economic history, broadly defined, and other related disciplines. It currently has 45 member organizations from almost 40 countries. The association promotes the development and diffusion of economic history worldwide, through its World Congress every three years, and other activities.

Originally founded in 1960, the IEHA played a prominent role during the Cold War era in uniting scholars from across Europe, the former Soviet Union and North America, along with smaller numbers from Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and Third World countries. In recent decades, the IEHA has evolved as the global forum for economic historians worldwide, with each congress attracting around 1,000 participants.