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Veterans Day – a time to promote peace

BOONE—Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces are known for their dedication to duty, bravery and sacrifices, whether they were deployed overseas or served in the U.S.

View larger imageROTC Cadet Patrick Shoaff salutes the flag during a Veterans Day ceremony at Appalachian State University. Shoaff is a senior political science major. (Photo by Marie Freeman)View larger imageSpeaker Clark Maddux said Veterans Day is a time for everyone to demonstrate their desire for peace. (Photo by Marie Freeman)

Appalachian State University professor and director of Watauga Residential College Dr. Clark Maddux spoke of another quality when addressing current and retired members of the military and others during a ceremony held on campus.

“There is this other quality that I am convinced is necessary to be an American soldier and that the men and women we remember today display,” he said. “They are, above all, reluctant warriors.”

Maddux said soldiers above all else have “a desire for peace, peace above all,” a characteristic that is all citizens’ duty “to nurture and protect and preserve. That is why we should thank them on this and every day: not to glorify what must be, but to say to them what might be.”